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Gucci unveils first ‘green’ handbag collection

Somehow the word ‘eco’ and the  images of these pretty Gucci bags, don’t seem to match. Nonetheless,  the pictured bags are the world’s first collection of so called: ‘zero-deforestation’ handbags. They’re made from buttery soft Amazon leather, designed in collaboration with Livia Firth from the Green Carpet Challenge and The National Wildlife Federation.

Two years ago, Gucci teamed up with Firth to take a closer look at the production of their bags. They closely analyzed every step of the production – from stitches and zippers to leather, hardware and trims – and made the decision to start focusing on a new collection of bags completely devoted to traceability and ecological certification. Gucci started working with a cow farm in Brazil, where they handle a ‘no tree chopping’-policy.   

This Paris Fashion Week, Gucci unveiled their first ‘green’ collection. The brand’s classics – the Hobo and the Jackie – with a zero-deforestation mark and a passport, with exact details of the chain of supply, to prove it.

Hurray for Gucci. They succeed in creating a sexy and glamorous collection of eco-bags.  Way to go, I'm a big fan already. 

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